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Strength Equipment

8 squat racks including Rogue CrossFit rigs

Weightlifting barbells (men and women)

Safety squat bar, Swiss bar, Earthquake bar, Easy bar, Trap bar and more

Lots of Dumbbell sets

Lots of Kettlebell sets

Rogue Bumper plates

Dips bar


Gymnastic Rings

2 Reverse hammer machines

Hip thrust bench

TRX-suspension and rip trainer

1 Declined bench

2 Adjustable benches

6 Flat benches

2 Functional trainer cable machines (with lots of attachments)

2 Back extensions

1 Leg curl machine


3 pairs Weightlifting cushions

Rogue Weightlifting Jerk boxes



2 Assault Air bikes

Concept 2 rowing machine

Concept 2 SkiERG

Boxing gears and Boxing bag

5 Box jump

Core and functional training

Bosu ball

Climbing rope

2 Battle ropes

Spine corrector barrel

Medicine balls

Slam balls

Massage table

Self-massage gears- form roller, massage guns, balls and etc.

Different types of balance and core training equipment

S.Q.A drill equipment

Resistance Bands

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