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Why FantasFit?

Our service is designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle by checking sleep quality, water intake, resting heart rate, daily food log and etc.
All of our trainers are certified with years of experience. 
We design your exercise program based on body composition, movement assessment and life style.

Healthy Vegetables

About N.E.R.D System

The N.E.R.D. system allows you to improve your health with your own natural body strength. This system will help you achieve the best result through proper nutrition, systematic exercise, sleep quality, and stress management tailored to you.


Balanced nutrition is the first step toward improved health. We provide you with an appropriate meal plan by thoroughly analyzing your daily diet.


Meet your desired fitness goal through our professional workout program, customized to your own needs, body condition and ability.


Proper sleep is pivotal to making health and fitness progress. We will assist you to ensure you are getting the rest you require to meet your daily needs.


Stress has a negative impact on your daily life as well as your fitness ability. We will assist you with finding the correct path to eliminating your stress.

JAE is the best trainer. He is so skilled and passionate. I'm very proud to see my progression since my first session. Thank you!


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